Cryptocurrencies and citizenship



Part of my work is to write about what cryptocurrencies mean for ideas of citizenship. With citizenship, I usually mean the three main parts and behaviors = legality, affection and participation. In concrete terms, it means that one has a legal identification as a passport, has a sense of love and affection for a certain community or polity (as a nation), and is active and engaged (as paying taxes and voting).

In principle, every cryptocurrency is about being a global citizen because cryptocurrencies are about the ability and possibility to cooperate, trade and exchange worldwide. Crypto is also about decentralization and globalization at the same time. Thereby, crypto enables humans to cooperate and do things locally and globally without governments and public institutions that often are national(ist) in their behaviors and structures. Bitcoin is still the most famous and visible example of such development.

Currently, some cryptocurrencies even include community citizenship. One example is SEEDS, where one can have a status as a visitor, resident and citizen. In the SEEDS community, this is called SEEDIZENSHIP. Another example is the development by Hedge for Humanity with initiatives such as Manna Base and Bright ID, working with both ideas of decentralized legal ID and basic income. Thereby, Hedge for Humanity is trying to decentralize functions historically connected to the function of the state.

One key thing with decentralization is pluralism, meaning in practice that it will be normal for people to use different applications, cryptocurrencies, wallets, initiatives, communities, etc. The same behavior can be applied to citizenship because, with decentralization, it is possible to decentralize citizenships and make it possible for a larger number of humans to have many citizenships at the same time as by being members of different crypto and other communities.

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