AIDBLOCK - a new institute for crypto with focus on Africa - community creation and governance tokens



At the moment, I am involved in AIDBLOCK - African Institute for DeFi and blockchain

As more Africans are using cryptocurrencies, the mission of AIDBLOCK is to make decentralized money, business and social cooperation easier through the legalization of crypto and public acceptance. The goal is for Africa to become a continent where individuals and communities can use cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

AIDBLOCK will focus on promoting the legalization of cryptocurrencies across Africa through public debate, civic initiatives and democratic engagement. So we need your support and action. AIDBLOCK is based in Ghana and as an early supporter, you will be among the first to get governance tokens after summer 2023 that you can use to participate in crypto proposals, vote, reward, and reward others.

Your donation can be anything from a minimum of 5 USD/EUR to something larger.

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BTC: bc1q8rg3n6wuk7rymljzd58wtpav3ppl3n9xsjdnrm

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ADA: addr1qxz2a7ymqpfjxj23g55wf78y2jjxt8c0qhhqj9rqlrn8rphs4lwwxzvhfqhzkl64h3u8k3yfu7f4kylrc70msa7jsszs33z4h4