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THIA can be converted to THIA POWER in a process called staking.
THIA Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-498.796 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 0.1578 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-seekga
Curation reward: 0.2980 THIA for dotwin1981/power-up-day-6-2024
Curation reward: 0.0977 THIA for dotwin1981/antiker-antrieb-deck-profil-2024
Curation reward: 0.6085 THIA for dotwin1981/power-up-day-5-2024
Curation reward: 0.2537 THIA for dotwin1981/power-up-day-4-2024
Curation reward: 0.4146 THIA for bechibenner/goldquizblog-erinnerungspost-bis-montag-noch-tippen-62-goldquizblog-reminder-post-until-monday-still-typing-62-deen
Author reward: 0.2552 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-sav00d
Curation reward: 0.1410 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-15488a4e3cec9
Curation reward: 0.1229 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-2e1b7228f9db1
Curation reward: 0.2743 THIA for bechibenner/goldquizblog-erinnerungspost-bis-montag-noch-tippen-61-goldquizblog-reminder-post-until-monday-still-typing-61-deen
Curation reward: 0.1144 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-cff17cbf5275b
Author reward: 0.1620 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-sap9yj
Curation reward: 0.0978 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-b053662ad7ad1
Author reward: 0.1844 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-sana9b
Curation reward: 0.0992 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-a8ad656ec31e6
Author reward: 0.2726 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-saljly
Curation reward: 0.1296 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-178ba085a6de8
Author reward: 0.4480 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-sajqox
Curation reward: 0.1891 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-a786480c86ba9
Author reward: 0.6340 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-sahvnv
Curation reward: 0.2362 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-ed8a4f7265346
Author reward: 0.6002 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-safwhr
Curation reward: 0.1859 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-dcf7cfadf2ae
Curation reward: 0.4844 THIA for bechibenner/goldquizblog-erinnerungspost-bis-montag-noch-tippen-60-goldquizblog-reminder-post-until-monday-still-typing-60-deen
Author reward: 0.7331 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-sae4gq
Curation reward: 0.2024 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-0b62ae0f3536f
Author reward: 0.7070 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-saccqk
Curation reward: 0.1831 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-350206b644746
Author reward: 2.2257 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-saaexc
Curation reward: 0.5245 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-402602c92e99a
Author reward: 2.0728 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-sa8xbr
Curation reward: 0.4738 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-80215119362b7
Author reward: 1.8793 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-sa75yi
Curation reward: 0.4310 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-57e79efa802db
Author reward: 1.8527 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-sa5bd8
Curation reward: 0.3864 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-695d8d4b9ce22
Author reward: 67.0583 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-bechibenner-sa36rd
Author reward: 1.7834 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-sa36mo
Curation reward: 0.3532 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-5bf5cc7c9255c
Curation reward: 0.7634 THIA for bechibenner/goldquizblog-erinnerungspost-bis-montag-noch-tippen-59-goldquizblog-reminder-post-until-monday-still-typing-59-deen
Author reward: 1.6988 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-sa10jo
Curation reward: 0.3175 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-5c1f7b790d68b
Author reward: 1.9478 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-s9zbfh
Curation reward: 0.3572 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-005168e321693
Author reward: 1.9789 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-s9xn1l
Curation reward: 0.3401 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-429c52d3515fa
Author reward: 1.9858 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-s9vmgx
Curation reward: 0.3134 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-957907675c84b
Author reward: 1.9121 THIA for thehockeyfan-at/re-dotwin1981-s9toye
Curation reward: 0.2859 THIA for dotwin1981/yu-gi-oh-pack-opening-daadb5ba946a3
Staked 3.3998 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 9.1371 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 2.4871 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 0.5199 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 2.1997 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 0.5231 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 0.7908 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 8.3173 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 7.8129 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 9.982 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 3.5546 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 2.9824 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 0.0954 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 0.8808 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 0.0814 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 0.0819 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 0.1583 THIA to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 63.364 THIA to thehockeyfan-at