An 8-year-old boy's mother died. His father's son married another woman. One day the father asked his son: "What is the difference between your old mother and your new mother?" The boy answered with a heart. He said: "My real mother used to lie to me, but my new mother tells the truth!" The father was surprised by his son's words and looked at him again, wondering: "How did that happen?" The little boy said: "When I was playing I would annoy my mother and she would say: If you don't get rid of me, I won't give you food! But I didn't take anything from her words, because I knew that she would look for me in the alleys and neighborhoods and eat." giving me But now when I play, the new mother tells me: If you don't stop playing, I won't put food in your mouth.. and I haven't eaten for two days!" Your mother's faith is a mercy from Allah. O Allah, grant long life and health to the one whose mother is alive, and have mercy on the one whose mother is dead and grant him Paradise. Amen

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