ThiagoPunk #30

This ThiagoPunk NFT is a unique digital collectible living on Hive Blockchain. It’s among a collection of Punks that represent your early contribution to the ThiagoRe Project and the SocialFi community. It’s also a way to recognize the contributions of content creators and supporters who trust and share the vision of Web3 platform like Special Traits: - Background: Dark red - Skin: Black - Hat: Cap - Facial: Normal Brown Beard & Mustache - Eyes: Thug Life Shades - Neck: Gold Necklace - Ears: None.
Collection: ThiagoPunks
Total Edition(s): 1
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@pnc bought edition #1 from @thiagorewards for 50000.000 THIA
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@thiagorewards tokenized 1 editions
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